“Sometimes you have to go a long distance out of your way in order to come back a short distance correctly” (Edward Albee)

Feature Length Language: ENGLISH Genre: COMEDY Shooting in 2017 Premiering in 2018 Locations: Iceland, Germany, California

Written and directed by JON GUSTAFSSON produced by ANDREAS ATZWANGER director of photography FABIAN WAGNER a production of NEOS FILM and ARTIO FILMS


Fresh out of drama school, Robert fails to get any work in his field of expertise, theatre directing. He accepts an offer he feels is far beneath him – directing a musical for an amateur drama group in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in Iceland. What was supposed to be the beginning of a magnificent career quickly turns into a disaster when the three lead actors who are all farmers have to leave the production due to an early start of the lambing season. Robert struggles with the locals and their mixed-up relationships lead him to discover the opportunity of a lifetime in the most unexpected of places. DRAMA CLUB is a story about growing up, about dealing with the real world and proving yourself. It is a coming of age story of a young man who needs to learn to stand on his own two feet and a girl who desperately wants to leave her small town but lacks the courage.

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